Become a Home Barista With These Top Rated Latte Machines

Become a Home Barista With These Top Rated Latte Machines

Top Rated Latte Machines

Want to get a daily cup of coffee as perfect as made by the baristas of famous coffee shops?

A good latte machine is what you need to become a home barista. Latte machines can provide you with a nicely brewed, instant cup of coffee whenever you want.

Whether you are an espresso enthusiast or a cappuccino fan, you can get top quality coffee if you have the right latte machine. A latte machine usually prepares coffee by using shots of espresso and warm milk, but these days latte machines are used to prepare just about every kind of coffee including skinny latte, double espresso, foamy and frothed coffee.

The market is teeming with various types of latte machines. We have done an extensive market research and tested various latte machines. This article illustrates the top rated latte machines to help you find the best one.

Our review criteria is based on the key metrics like quality, price, ease of use and durability.

Let’s get started.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte

This latte machine prepares freshly brewed coffee instantly with a single press of a button. There is a separate section beside the top lid where you can put the coffee. You can pour the milk in the vessel of the coffee market and close lock the lid. There is also a mode selector from which you can select the “cafe latte” option and push the button to start the coffee-making process.

This coffee maker has 24-ounce capacity along with an automatic off switch which stops the machine once the coffee is ready. Mr. Coffee’s latte machine has a high-performance milk frother function.

As soon as you press the power button, the machine starts frothing the milk and brewing the coffee separately. The machine stops automatically as soon as the frothe process is complete.

When it comes to price, this latte machine is a winner. It is one of the most affordable latte machines in the market. The product also comes with a recipe book to help you get started on making your favorite lattes.

The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System

Keurig’s new Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System is one of the most famous and top rated latte machines. It has a main tray which contain capture bins to avoid the leaks and spills. It also has down-tray for the small espresso shot glasses.

The water tank is completely detachable and is easily filled by simply removing the lid.

One of the great features of Keurig Rivo is its milk froth pitcher. You can detach it, fill it with milk and place it on its place pretty easily.

The controls are placed on the top of the machine in the form of buttons. There are two espresso shot options with different capacities. Other three buttons are for milk frothing, cappuccino and latte. There is also a button for cold milk frothing.

The pressure is set at fifteen bars, which is pretty much a decent pressure for any coffee machine.

Keurig Rivo comes with its own coffee pods. But you can definitely buy extra coffee pods according to your choice. In order to brew coffee, just put the coffee pod in the machine by opening the top lid and press the power button. The machine will start its process. Keurig Rivo stops after two minutes because of its smart energy saving mode. The pod size of this latte machine is very small, which affects the shelf life pretty badly.

This latte machine prepares a high quality froth for your cappuccino or latte. It has three froth modes namely Cappuccino, Latte, and Cold Froth.

It also offers multiple choices in espresso shots along with a lot of combinations. We tried Americano, Espresso Con Panna, Lattes, and Espresso Macchiato. The brew quality was exceptional.

This product is quite affordable keeping in view all the features and versatility.

DeLonghi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo Plus Coffeemaker

This coffee maker has a single- serve system, which means you can place one pod at at time in the machine. This is a small machine and extremely easy to handle. The water tank of this coffee machine fits at the back of the machine.

DeLonghi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo Plus CoffeemakerYou can put the coffee pod in the machine by opening the lid of the machine. After placing the milk or coffee pod inside the machine on its pod tray, just press the handle down and set the required quantity by the digital picker of the machine. The machine will start the brewing process.

A cool feature of this coffee machine is its ability to make cold, hot and combo drinks. There is a lever on the machine which you can set to select the temperature of the drink you want.

There is a power button on the left side of the machine. It turns red when the water tank is running out of water.

There is only a single slot for the pods, which means you will have to first place the coffee pod to brew and then the milk pod and then mix them together. This means you cannot just put the coffee, walk away and come back to get your coffee ready. This machine wants some manual work.

This top rated latte machine also has a removable water reservoir with a capacity of 0.6 liters.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Maker

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista makes great cups of latte, espresso, steamed milk at push of a button. This machine is gigantic in size. It has a removable milk reservoir, which you can put in your refrigerator also.

The water tank fits at the back of the machine. It has a powerful, automatic frother. There is space for two pods. You can detach portafilter, place the pod inside it, fix it back and press the power button to start the brewing process. Place the glass or vessel just below the level on the tray.

You can just fill the milk reservoir to the full for once and foam, froth and milk will keep coming to the cup into the coffee from the side channels which are coming out of the reservoir. You only have to detach the milk reservoir when the milk runs out in it.

There are three buttons at the front size of the machine. You can press the “Espresso” button once to make one shot of espresso. If you press it twice, the machine will make two shots. The other two buttons are for cappuccino and latte.

Cafe Barista’s capacity to brew at consistent temperatures is weak. We also found the machine unable to extract pure tastes from lightly roasted beans. But overall, it is a good coffee machine to get tasty coffee instantly.

Capresso Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

This is an 800-watt espresso and cappuccino machine along with a capacity of making 4 cups at a time. It lets you control and adjust the froth and brewing strength. It also contains a safety valve and protective thumb guard. You can just open the lid from the top of the machine and put the water inside.

This machine also has a big portafilter in which you can put the coffee grains or powder and attach it back to the front of the machine.

After putting the coffee in the portafilter, turn the lever from the front of the machine to the right. If you want a strong coffee, place the lever to the center. After a few minutes, coffee will start coming into the pitcher.

There is a separate steel bar with a black rubber cover which you can submerge in milk to make froth. You can fill milk in any steel vessel, move the black thermostat right above the steel bar for milk heating to set the temperature and do frothing and heating according to your need.

We faced a bit difficulty in handling the top lid of the machine to put the water in the tank. The pressure in the machine also surges pretty fast, so I would recommend waiting a few seconds before opening the lid in order to avoid any damage.

This machine is available in a pretty nominal cost. It is best for the users who are looking for a durable yet affordable latte machine.


These are the best, most famous and top rated latte machines. You do not need to spend $4-$5 daily to get your favorite cup of coffee. Make a one-time smart spending and get one of the above latte machines. This would give you a long term comfort and flexibility to make coffees and beverages at your home within minutes whenever you want.



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