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A Little Something About Us

Coffee Maker’s Paradise aims to not only give the best unbiased reviews but also the highest quality of information when it comes anything related to coffee, whether it be reviews, articles or news as well.

Guidelines to Take Note

We also believe that one of the ways we can expand our connection to more coffee lovers out there is through people like you willing to share your knowledge! To make sure the standard of writing on our site is maintained, make sure to adhere to the following:

  1. The content must be high quality and detailed.
  2. We do not publish reprints ever.
  3. Articles should have quality photos.
  4. We do not allow contributors to embed links into their articles linking to their site or a client site. Contributors can link to their site only in their author box. We will not publish anything that looks like a paid link.
  5. Include an author’s box a little blurb about you, and a link to your blog, at the end of the article.

Getting Your Article Ready

If you’re on the way to writing your articles, remember that it should at least be 700 words and at most 1000 words.

We are also open to product reviews written by guests preferably a Top list of a particular set of items.. How-to-articles and recipes are very much welcome as well, but make sure to be concise in your steps.

Now, if so far you are not sure whether what you’re thinking is appropriate for our site and want to check with us first, then feel free to send us 2-3 ideas for you guest posts so we can review them and let you know which works.

Ready to Submit?

Once you’re comfortable enough with your article or idea, contact us using the form on on our “Contact” page:

Contact Page

We look forward to reading a lot your writing! 🙂

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