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Just How Does a Coffee Maker Work?

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, the process of coffee seems obvious: add hot water to ground coffee beans, and boom, you’re done. A coffeemaker is responsible for this magic, but most people take it for granted. Well, haven’t you ever wondered how does a coffee maker work? Let’s take a quick look at what […]


What is the Best Coffee Maker?

What is the best coffee maker? It is the one that fits your lifestyle and makes the coffee you like to drink. Never have consumers had so many option when it comes to ways to prepare this favorite drink. Coffee is made when hot water mixes with ground up roasted coffee beans. Different types of […]


Want a Cup of Coffee Wherever You Go? Get a Solo Clip Keurig!

For those that own a Keurig machine, there’s nothing easier than loading a K-cup into the tray, pressing a few buttons, and voila!, tasty coffee in no time. But you may have noticed that buying off-brand K-cups may be rejected by the machine. Keurig has taken measures to protect its DRM (digital rights management), which […]


Percolator Coffee Vs. Drip: Which is the Best?

If you are of a certain age, you remember the bubbling sound of the percolator making coffee and the wonderful smell emanating from the kitchen (even if you didn’t like coffee, you had to admit it smelled divine). Until the “Mr. Coffee” was invented in the 1970’s, percolators were the most common way to make […]


Become a Home Barista With These Top Rated Latte Machines

Want to get a daily cup of coffee as perfect as made by the baristas of famous coffee shops? A good latte machine is what you need to become a home barista. Latte machines can provide you with a nicely brewed, instant cup of coffee whenever you want. Whether you are an espresso enthusiast or […]

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