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Where Can I Find the Best Coffee Bean Storage Container?

Just can’t figure out how to make the perfect cup of coffee? Tired of trying out different methods that just aren’t working? Thought you found the solution but ended up disappointing you yet again? It becomes a cycle and you (and your pockets) are set up for a trip down the drain. You might just […]


Do You Know Where to Keep Coffee Beans to Maintain Optimum Flavor?

You’ve decided to upgrade. No more store brand medium ground medium roast blah coffee. You’ve invested in gourmet beans and purchased your own grinder. Coffee as good as the coffee shop down the street will be yours–but now you need to figure out where to keep the coffee beans. Is the canister that matches your […]


Keep It Fresh: The Best Ground Coffee Storage Containers

Is there nothing better than freshly-ground coffee to brighten your morning? The scent and the taste are enough to help us seize the day; it’s hard to imagine a day without a good cup of coffee to open our eyes and open up the possibilities of the world. However, improperly stored coffee can taste stale […]


Do You Know How to Clean a Keurig Water Tank in 6 Easy Steps?

Keurig coffee makers are a great way to get your morning (or afternoon or evening) cup of coffee, but with repeated use, particularly in areas with hard water, mineral deposits or “scale” can build up inside the sealed portions of the coffee maker. New users often want to know how to clean a Keurig water […]


The Best Place to Buy Coffee Mugs

If there’s one thing that our modern age has instilled in us, it’s that we as consumers now have the power to make our own decisions about the products and services that we fill our lives with. And if there’s one thing to always be on the lookout for, it’s where the best place to […]


Want a Cup of Coffee Wherever You Go? Get a Solo Clip Keurig!

For those that own a Keurig machine, there’s nothing easier than loading a K-cup into the tray, pressing a few buttons, and voila!, tasty coffee in no time. But you may have noticed that buying off-brand K-cups may be rejected by the machine. Keurig has taken measures to protect its DRM (digital rights management), which […]

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