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Best Brewers for Making Cold Brew Coffee at Home

Cold brew coffee? While it sounds strange, cold brewing your coffee may actually be much better for you. Roasted coffee grounds contain several oils and fatty acids, which are soluble at certain high temperatures. When you hot brew, these fats end up right in your seemingly innocent cup. However, cold brewing prevents these extra oils […]


Where Can I Find the Best Espresso Machines under 500 Dollars?

The average person is probably completely unaware that espresso machines are available at the home consumer level. Usually, if you wish to enjoy an espresso, a commercial establishment such as Starbucks comes to mind. If you’re perfectly okay paying $7 for an espresso, they will be more than happy to sell it to you. The […]


Want the Best French Press Coffee Maker?

Let’s face it: the price of gourmet coffee is ridiculous. $4 or more for a cup of coffee at your local café? No thank you! If you get coffee from a café on the daily, that’s more than $20 per week! You could just drink coffee at home. Most people, though, have a drip-maker sitting […]


Are You Looking for the Best Grind and Brew Coffee Maker on the Market?

Combining the functionalities of two appliances into one is something not generally afforded to most people. In fact, most people don’t even have coffee grinders. It’s not something they think about. For those with discerning tastes, the only way you can get fresher coffee is if you own the plant and roast the beans yourself. […]


Best Thermal Coffee Maker under $100? We Found Them for You!

  Move over, glass carafe! There’s a new kid on the block that we are seeing more and more of. I’ll give you a hint ~ it’s stainless steel. Today we’re taking a closer look at thermal coffee makers. Delicate glass carafes are becoming rare while these thermal carafes are taking their place. Glass carafes […]


What are the Best Single Cup Coffee Brewers That Use Your Own Coffee?

Single-serve coffee brewers were, at one time, a Keurig exclusive. In fact, that’s what made them so great. Before, we were all using traditional drip coffee makers. And we were okay with it, weren’t we? I’d say not. In fact, many people who have experienced everything a Keurig has to offer wonders how they ever […]

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