Do You Know How to Replace Keurig Water Filter and Maintain Your Keurig?

Do You Know How to Replace Keurig Water Filter and Maintain Your Keurig?

how to replace keurig water filterThe thing most people love about Keurigs is that they are dead simple to use. Insert a K-cup, push the button and seconds later you have coffee. However, the Keurig machine needs to maintained regularly and this article will tell you how to do that, including how to replace the Keurig water filter.

Daily Maintenance:

Wipe down the surface of the machine daily, or if anything gets on it Remove used K-cups promptly, do not allow them to sit in the machine for a long period of time.

Descaling/Cleaning the Water Tank

Especially in hard water areas, descaling is important to avoid clogging the interior of the Keurig. This post will tell you how to clean the water tank.

Replace the Keurig Water Filter

The Keurig machines include a water filter that is simply charcoal in a fiber container. While genuine Keurig filters cost as much as five dollars each, you can buy filters made by other companies for the Keurig for far less.

How to Replace Keurig Water Filter:

Step 1

The first step in replacing in how to replace keurig water filter is to purchase a filter. Here are some good choices:

Everyday 6-Pack Replacement Charcoal Water Filters for Keurig Coffee Machines6-Pack Replacement Charcoal Water Filters for Keurig. These are generic filters made specifically to fit the Keurig machines. The active ingredient–charcoal–is the same as is used in the “real” Keurig filters (as well as the filters on your faucet or the filter on your aquarium). The filter removes chlorine and other impurities to improve the taste of your beverage. For less than ¼ the cost of official filters, they are worthy of a try, particularly as they should be changed every two months or every sixty brews.

Everyday Replacement Charcoal Water Filters for Keurig Coffee Machines, White12-Replacement Charcoal Water Filters for Keurig These fit the following Keurigs, purchased after August 2007: Elite, Classic, Ultra, Special Edition, Ultimate and Platinum. They use the same active ingredient at official Keurig filters and cost far less.

Almost 1200 people have reviewed them on Amazon and 78% give them five stars. While the vast majority of purchasers are happy with the filters and particularly praise the cost differential, some do say there appears to be less charcoal in these than in the name brand filter. Even so, the reviewers generally say that the performance of the filters does not suffer. Some choose to replace them more frequently, but still say they save money over the brand name filters.

Step 2

Once you have replacement filters available, remove one from its packaging and place it in a bowl of water for five minutes.

Step 3

Remove the water reservoir from the machine. The filter assembly is in the back; it snaps out easily. Remove it and dispose of the old filter. Remember how the old filter fit into the assembly.

Step 4

After the new filter has soaked for five minutes, hold it under running water for one minute.

Step 5

Place the new filter into the assembly in the same position as the one you removed. Close the assembly.

Step 6

Take this time to thoroughly wash the water reservoir. Set the reminder (there is either a dial or a computer setting, depending on the model) that tells you when to next change the filter and then replace the filter assembly by clicking it into place.

Step 7

Once you have replaced the filter, “brew” a couple of batches of water with no K-cups to make sure everything is working correctly.


Like most devices, your Keurig coffee maker will give you much better service if it is properly maintained. Once you know how to clean with water tank with vinegar and how to replace the Keurig water filter, you will find that both jobs are easy to do regularly to keep your Keurig making the best coffee possible.



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