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Your Easy My K Cup Reusable Coffee Filter Instructions to Get You Brewing in No Time

my k cup reusable coffee filter instructions
Want to use your own coffee in your new Keurig 2.0 Brewer?

Well Keurig has finally heard your call and answer my creating the My K Cup 2.0 Reusable filter.

This is an upgrade from the original My K Cup that worked efficiently in early models of the Keurig machines. However, with the many improvements that came with the Keurig 2.0 line, the ability to use your own coffee was left out. The new structure of the machines meant that the original My K Cup would no longer fit.

Initially, users were outraged! But now lucky we have a new version of the My K Cup that that is completely 100% compatible with all the Keurig 2.0 brewers.

So for my fellow coffee lovers out there, let me educate you about the joys of owning a My K Cup Reusable Coffee Filter.

What is it for?

This is a reusable coffee filter used to brew your favorite ground coffee.

What models are compatible with the My K Cup Reusable Coffee Filter?

All Keurig 2.0 System brewers. If you’re not sure which brewer you have, you can take a look at the images here

This is also compatible with Cuisinart, Bunn MyCafe, Hamilton Beach, Breville and Mr. Coffee.

For those of you who already bought the product but don’t know how to use it (or skipped reading the manual because who really has time for that?), it looks hard but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually pretty easy. I’ll help you go through with the steps as easy as I can.

These are the parts of the My K Cup Reusable Coffee Filter:
– Lid
– Filter holder
– Filter basket

10 Easy Steps for My K Cup Reusable Coffee Filter Instructions:

1. Open the lid by twisting towards the unlock sign
2. Fill it with your ground of choice making sure not to exceed the max line
3. Close the lid by twisting towards the lock sign
4. Raise the handle of your coffee machine and place your coffee filter in it
5. Select the option you want
6. Let the brewing magic begin!
7. After you’re done, raise the handle and remove the filter once it has cooled down
8. Open the lid and start cleaning
9. Put it on the top rack
10. Read this all over again the next time you need help!

There’s a video for the My K Cup reusable coffee filter instructions to visually guide you here

If you don’t fancy the My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter, here are the

Top Alternatives


1. urKitchen Reusable K Cup

– Can brew coffee or tea
– Stainless steel micro mesh filter minimizes sediment
– Lifetime guarantee
- Some grounds get caught


2. Eco-Fill 2.0 Deluxe

– No need to remove the filter holder
– Holds 13 grams of ground coffee for a richer flavor
- Doesn’t work with some models

3. Solofill Cup

– No need to remove/swap filter holder
– Built-in permanent microfoil chrome filter
- Small amount of sediment at the bottom of the cup



Now keep in mind these are all great products but there can only be one winner in the search for a groundbreaking (get it? okay no? alright) coffee filter. And the winner is..

urKitchen reusable K Cup! This is compatible with a lot of Keurig brewer models so you don’t have to worry. It offers a free replacement guarantee, you really have nothing to lose. What’s also great with this one is you get six filters at a very decent price so you can share or give it away with your friends and family. You know what they say, a family that brews together, stay together!

There you have it, folks, I’ve shown you My K Cup reusable coffee filter instructions the easy way. There is no right or wrong in choosing the right coffee filter. It all comes down to your preference. I’m just here to help you make the right decision and I hope you make the right one.



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