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Looking for The Best Coffee Recipe at Home?


Winter is around the corner and soon enough you will find yourself wanting to curl up in your bed with a cup of hot coffee. No one can deny but there’s just something about the holidays paired up with the cold weather. It makes you feel as if it is the perfect time to skip your usual coffee shop and just try your hand in making the perfect cup of coffee at home.

Whether you’re feeling experimental and looking for something different and easy or want a homemade version of something familiar, here are 5 hot coffee recipes that will definitely make you feel warm all throughout the cold days.

DIY Peppermint Mocha


Nothing screams Christmas more than this. Bright Eyed Baker’s recipe is a great take on this classic drink. Her recipe promises to be the right mixture of the tastes you’ve loved in the peppermint mocha you’ve always loved.

“Rich and chocolate-y with the perfect amount of fresh peppermint – I don’t think your morning coffee can get much better than this.”

Head over to her blog to check on this great recipe!

Raspberry Vanilla Latte

Some people are simply vanilla lovers rather than chocolate. If you’re one of these people, you might want to try this vanilla latte recipe made even better topped with raspberry.

Although originally a Valentine’s recipe, why deny yourself of this good atte which can definitely be enjoyed all year long.

“Vanilla Bean Lattes are my staple, my absolutely favorite. I wanted to do something a little extra-special for Valentine's Day this year, so I decided to try to add a natural raspberry flavor to my dependable vanilla syrup.”

If you’re interested in whipping this up, check it here!

Gingerbread Latte w/ Caramel Molasses Drizzle


If you’re a coffee lover, then you might have definitely lined up for this popular drink at one time in your life.

However, when you’re busy preparing for the upcoming hectic holiday, you may not have all the time waiting just to get your hands on this drink. So why not just make it?

“The gingerbread flavored syrup at the base of this drink is the perfect thing to pump up your morning coffee (afternoon… evening… who are you kidding with that certain paper cup glued to your hand?!). So simple and done in no time, you’ll be so glad you made this recipe so you don’t have to wait in line at you-know-where.”

Check out this simple recipe here!

Affogato: Italian Espresso and Gelato Dessert


Craving for a foreign coffee taste? No need to head to a fancy Italian coffee shop to try the famous Italian Espresso, Affogato. However, in case you haven’t heard what an Affogato is, this description sums it up pretty well, as well as the recipe writer’s enthusiasm.

“Also known as “affogato al cafe” or “drowned in coffee” in Italian, an affogato consists of gelato topped with a shot of hot espresso. Man oh man…this is my kind of dessert! It’s not overly sweet and the bitterness of the coffee, with the sweet, creamy gelato is just perfect.”

It may sound a bit threatening to make such a drink with such a classy name but don’t fret as this recipe shows you it's quite really easy!

Get this recipe!

Pumpkin Spice Latte Copycat Recipe


Going through the list, you were probably thinking “But where is the Pumpkin Spice Latte?”, well here it is! We know how much of a staple this drink is during the holidays that we just can’t afford to skip it. This recipe’s description will immediately make you want to jump into the kitchen, ready to make it.

“This has all of those sweet, spicy, Fall flavors and smells that we all love. But the best part is….you can make it yourself, in the comfort of your own home.”

Excited to try it?! Head over here!

One of the most important things when you love coffee is continuously trying new recipes until you discover more tastes. Stepping out of your comfort zone and giving these coffee drinks a shot may just be the highlight of your holiday. Once you learn it, just imagine how many tummies you’ll warm up this season!

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