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What Are The Top Rated Coffee Percolators?

top rated coffee percolators

Ahh! What could be better than the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning? Coffee lovers appreciate the great, unmatched taste and flavor of a good cup of coffee brewed using the best techniques. Many of the die-hard coffee connoisseurs argue that only a coffee percolator can fully unleash all your coffee beans’ richness. For them the percolator is perfect for making magnificent, super-hot coffee.

Making percolator coffee is often described as an art, but the right machine can take some of the mystery out of it with. Top rated coffee percolators are generally fast, safe, convenient, portable, durable, and have large capacity.

To help you decide if a percolator is right for your morning “cuppa”, we have selected and reviewed 5 of the top rated coffee percolators. They may be viewed and bought on Amazon.com.

Our Pick

Farberware Classic Coffee Percolator

Made of stainless steel polished to a mirror finish, it possesses countertop beauty and long-serving durability. It comes with a permanent filter basket eliminating the trouble of handling messy filters, is dishwasher safe and fully immersible if you choose to wash it in the sink.

The Farberware Classic is designed for stovetop brewing and makes between 4 and 8 cup of coffee, imparting no flavors of its own to you coffee blend, since it has a non-reactive interior. Rounding out its features are a stylish, easy grip handle, a tight fitting lid and a see-through plastic knob so you can tell when it’s finished percolating.

Users of the Farberware Classic generally commend it sturdiness and the great tasting coffee they get from it. Taking it on camping trips seems quite popular as well. The recurring downside seems to be an issue with the make of the percolator’s top which prevents complete emptying of the brew.

Presto Coffee Maker

The electric Presto makes 2 to 12 cups of rich, hot, and flavorful coffee at the rate of a-cup-a-minute. It is constructed from durable, easy to clean stainless steel. Designed with a signal light to let you know it’s done percolating, it can automatically keep your brew piping hot. Other features of the Presto include its easy-pour spout and removable power cord which makes serving and storage a breeze

Cleaning the Presto requires that you first unplug it and allow it to cool completely. It is not immersible – you wash it with warm, sudsy water, rinse and let it dry completely. Avoid using abrasive cleaners but you are advised to use coffee stain remover periodically on the interior, if necessary.

Users love the taste of the coffee and the ease with which the Presto works. Some suggest that using the correct ground of coffee ensures the best extraction of flavor with the Presto. An issue was the aluminum nut found at the inside bottom of the pot which some uses say corroded into the coffee giving it a metallic taste.

Hamilton Beach Percolator

Hamilton Beach 40614 Twist Lid Percolator, Stainless Steel, 12-CupThe Hamilton Beach promises you hot, flavorful coffee in a jiffy. It has a permanent stainless steel filter basket and a gentle keep warm heater so your next cup is always ready. Its electric cord is detachable and there is a viewing window for you to check the liquid level in the percolator. Two incorporated safety features are a handle that remains cool to the touch and a twist off lid that locks securely in place.

The Hamilton Beach’s ready–to-serve light indicator takes any guess out of knowing when your brew is done. This 12 cups percolator is “no-mess” since it has a no-drip spout. It is also an indication that the keep hot mode has begun.

Owners of the Hamilton Beach give it generally good reviews with special mention of its countertop elegance and overall design features. They are also impressed by the speed with which it percolates. They point out that you do have to unplug it once you are done using it, but offer the suggestion of putting it on a timer.

West Bend Percolator

The West Bend comes to you with classic stainless steel style and is able to brew anywhere from 2 to 12 cups of piping hot coffee that stays hot with its automatic keep-warm mode. This model features two handy indicators. First there is a coffee-level indicator in the handle and a second indicator lets you know when the coffee is ready to be served.

The West Bend promises you coffee with a strong flavor and aroma and serving this great coffee is easy with a detachable cord plus both a handle and base that stay cool to the touch.

Users of the West Bend commend the taste of coffee it produces using less grounds than you would expect. Added to that, they generally think it’s convenient to take along when travelling, pours with no-mess precision and cleans up in snap. Also coming in for praise is how pleasant sounding this percolator is and the fact that there is no need to buy and replace filters.

Noted downsides are the lack of setting for brewing strength and a cord that some felt was too short.

Cuisinart Classic Percolator

You’ll have to find little more cash for thestainless steel Cuisinart Classic than for the other percolators mentioned here. You can safely take this percolator to the table for serving up your 4 – 12 cups of piping hot coffee since it has a detachable cord plus a stay cool handle and base.

The Cuisinart classic promises you the delightful “perk-perk” percolator coffee lovers enjoy hearing and adds a convenient ready-to-serve indicator light, so you can know immediately when that brew is ready. Rounding out the features of this model are a no drip spout with an elegantly long and tapered design, and a thoughtfully added easy-grip knob on the lid.

Users report that is makes really great tasting coffee, does it quickly and pours it out with smooth, no-spill finesse. They also have high praise for its countertop elegance. The major concern users had with the Cuisinart Classic is that it does not feature an on and off switch but requires that you unplug the unit to turn it off completely.


If you’ve been feeling for some old fashioned “cowboy style” piping hot and extra robust coffee, then a percolator is the choice for you. The ones featured here and additional customer reviews can be found on Amazon.com.

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