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Grinders for the Perfect French Press Coffee Ratio

A French press is a marvelous invention. Instead of wasting electricity while your percolator finally gets around to warming the water and dripping through fine coffee grounds, a French press makes the process simple: dump in some coarse ground coffee with hot water, dunk a plunger, and voila!, coffee in four minutes. However, the process […]


What Coffee Grinder Should I Buy?

Does your coffee taste excessively bitter? Does it produce insufficient crema? If it does, then I would guess that you purchased pre-ground coffee instead of whole bean and grinding it yourself. Am I right? A grinder is a vital part of having a good cup of Joe. Your coffee machine doesn’t make a second-rate coffee. […]


What’s the Best Espresso Grinder under 200 Dollars?

At Coffee Maker’s Paradise, we absolutely love a cup of coffee. In our opinion, high-quality coffee is not just part of our morning routine, it’s a way of life. When it comes to making the perfect espresso—or any other coffee drink, for that matter—the importance of a quality grinder is often overlooked. Pre-ground coffee is […]


Looking for the Best Hand Grinder For Espresso?

Many of us enjoy the daily morning ritual of enjoying a cup of hot, home-brewed coffee in the morning. The problem is that some of us may be suffering in silence with brews that aren’t perfect. It is likely that a lot of the problems stem from poor grinding. If you have a cheap, blade-based […]


What Is The Best Burr Grinder Under 200 Dollars?

Coffee enthusiasts say a burr grinder (or burr mill) is a much better option than a blade grinder for capturing the natural and rich flavors of roasted coffee beans. Burr grinders give greater evenness of ground with their pair of rotating abrasive surfaces, resulting in uniformity of flavor extracted from the coffee grounds. Burr mills […]


What Is the Best Budget Burr Grinder for Sale?

When it comes to the fresh coffee, nothing comes close to freshly ground coffee beans. Even if you were to go to a grocery store that sold whole coffee beans in bulk, and you could grind the beans in the store, it still wouldn’t be as fresh as if you had your own home grinder. […]

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