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What K Cups Work with 2.0 Keurig Brewing Systems?

Did you get a new Keurig 2.0 machine and then realize that your old k cups won’t work in the new machine? If so, then don’t worry for you are not alone (we could start a support group).  Everyone’s frustratedly asking “What K Cups Work with 2.0?” The source of this frustration is he Keurig […]


Looking for The Best Reusable K-Cup for Stronger Coffee?

Who doesn’t like a good strong cup of coffee? I’m not one of those people that wants to my coffee to look and taste like something else. I want the real deal! Not weak or mild, but a good strong and bold cup of coffee. Since my coffee addiction leads me to drink a cup […]


Can I Really Save Money with Fillable Disposable K-Cups?

It appears the Keurig coffee machines leave much to be desired. Keurig invented and made famous a great little machine. However, the cost of operation still gets in the way at times. One thing does not change: even if you stick with the commercial Keurig-branded, non-disposable K-Cups, you are still saving money over going to […]


What Is The Best Reusable K-Cup?

<p><img src=”×300.png” alt=”best reusable k cup” width=”263″ height=”300″ />Keurig made popular one of the most attractive small office/home office coffee machines on the market today. Their machines allow you to brew coffee for one without wasting coffee, buying filters, or in some cases, even waiting for the coffee to be brewed. The Keurig machine has […]


Which of the K Cup Coffee Makers is Right for Me?

Keurig made a name that had been sweeping the nation by storm. When most people go into business, they are told not toreinvent the wheel. Apparently, Keurig missed that lecture because they went and did just that: they reinvented the way we make coffee. Not that there was anything wrong with the traditional method; in […]

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