Can I Really Save Money with Fillable Disposable K-Cups?

Can I Really Save Money with Fillable Disposable K-Cups?

It appears the Keurig coffee machines leave much to be desired. Keurig invented and made famous a great little machine. However, the cost of operation still gets in the way at times. One thing does not change: even if you stick with the commercial Keurig-branded, non-disposable K-Cups, you are still saving money over going to Starbucks or McCafé on a daily basis.

fillable disposable k cupsKeurig is responsible for a whole new line of products: disposable and reusable K-Cups. We are going to leave reusable K-Cups for later. This review covers fillable disposable K-Cups.

My-Kap Cups for Keurig

The whole point of using third party K-Cups is to two-fold: one, customers’ desire to save money, and two customer’s desire to protect the environment. Money comes first for most people. If they can figure out a way to save money My-Kap Cups for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 50-Countwithout sacrificing experience, most people go for it. My-Kap has figured out how to do that. These little disposable cups are perfect for using your Keurig machine to brew your own coffee while saving you money on your daily cup of coffee.

These little cups are not to be used alone; you need to buy filters and caps. This package contains the cups, and they alone will not give you a cup of coffee. You need filters and lids.

The cup is a sturdy container with a disposable design. Made of plastic, we were able to make several cups using just one. We went through the filters a bit more rapidly, and the lids lasted just as long as the cup itself. My-Kap sells the filters and lids separately. You may opt to go for non-disposable lids from My-Kap as a money-saving tactic as well.

At $9.49, you are paying less than 20¢ per cup, but that is an unfair assessment of the actual daily price because you can use the cup more than once if you rinse it out. If you opt just to toss it, then each cup will cost you 19¢.

This saves money because not only are the cups washable, but they are disposable. One of the nicest things you can do with this is prepare several cups ahead of time, then store them in the freezer, ready for use. Wake up, grab one of your premade pods, and make your coffee without interrupting your morning routine!

Simple Cups Disposable Cups for Use in Keurig Brewers

This is the complete package you need to save you money in one go. Cups alone are not enough. You need cups, Disposable Cups for Use in Keurig Brewers - Simple Cups - 50 Cupsfilters, and lids. This package contains all of that. While these are also made of plastic, we do not recommend using each one more than once, and of course, you are free to use whatever coffee you deem pleasing.

This is a beautiful solution for saving money and reducing hassle. Prepare several pods ahead of time and store them in the freezer (that is where I store unused coffee grinds) until you are ready. Grab one, pop it into your machine, and toss it when you are done. These disposable K-Cups have benefits over refillable K-Cups, one of them being you can still toss it when you are done. The plastic is biodegradable, so you are doing the environment a favor as well.

At $14.95, you are paying a mere 30¢ per cup of coffee. That is more than ten times less than spending $3.00 per day at a coffee shop. Sure, you need to buy your own coffee, but that means you get to pick and choose whatever coffee suits your fancy.


There’s more to Keurig than single cups of coffee. The initial design gained so much popularity that Keurig came out EZ-Carafe for Keurig 2.0, K300, K400, K500 Serieswith a carafe version of their famous machine. Of course, when you make more coffee with each brew, you need a bigger K-Cup. This brings on a whole new line of disposable and reusable K-Cups in the carafe size. For those who do not know what a carafe is, it is the glass pitcher that comes with traditional coffee makers where your fresh coffee is brewed in. Its size and shape differ by brand.

By design, coffee is brewed by pouring hot water through fresh coffee grinds. This EZ-Carafe is no different. Think of it as the reservoir for the coffee in a traditional coffee maker. Open the coffee maker up, insert a filter into the reservoir, and pour a spoonful or two of coffee in the filter. Hot water flows over these coffee grinds and through the filter to the carafe, where you pour yourself a fresh, hot, cup of coffee.

The point is this; this is not the complete package. You need special disposable coffee filters to make this work. It is a one-time cost of $19.99, but this is not disposable. It is reusable. It is easy, however. Put the filter in, fill with coffee, seal the lid, and use exactly the way you would a commercial K-Cup.

EZ-Carafe Paper Filter Refills

EZ-Carafe Paper Filter Refills - 3 PackThese are the filters for the EZ-Carafe. These are 100% biodegradable, making this an excellent choice for going easy on the environment. Don’t let the $18.00 price tag sway you. A closer look reveals that each “pack” contains 30 filters. This reduces the cost to a mere 20¢ per carafe, plus the cost of the coffee itself. Any angle you look at it, these will not only save you money, but save the environment as well.

The EZ-Carafe package is the best choice if you have several coffee drinkers in your family. Better yet, this is the perfect package for a home office! Consumers are not the only ones looking for ways to reduce costs; business owners live for this stuff.


My-Kap cups are the cups alone, but may be used at least two or three times before they become so flimsy that trashing them becomes inevitable. Simple Cups offers a complete and disposable package. The EZ-Carafe system allows you to brew your own coffee in the newer Keurig machines with carafes. The best cost for the money without sacrificing convenience would have to be the Simple Cups package. You can prepare several pods containing custom coffee blends ahead of time. Use them like you would a commercial K-Cup and you will not see a break or frustration in your morning routine. Furthermore, if you have several coffee drinkers in your home or office, each one can prepare a custom cup of coffee the way they like without having to wash continually or keep track of refillable K-Cup pods.

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