Can I still use My K-Cup for Keurig 2.0?

Can I still use My K-Cup for Keurig 2.0?

my k cup for keurig 2.0If you are the proud recipient of Keurig’s new 2.0 technology, chances are you were not expecting the potential headache that came with it when you opened it. Keurig’s new coffee makers have DRM technology, which stands for Digital Rights Management.

Before, with the original line of Keurig coffee makers, you did not have this problem. In fact, it seemed that Keurig supported the idea that you should be able to choose whatever coffee you wanted in your Keurig machine. Keurig’s My K-Cup is proof of that.

Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter

People love the idea of being able to brew their individual cup of coffee. Keurig answered the call by coming out with their reusable filter for their machines. Keeping brand-specific with accessories like this one is what companies want; you are usually rewarded with a smoother, more seamless experience.

The idea is simple. Fill the filter with coffee, pop the pod in the machine and press a button. Less than one minute later, you are rewarded with a fresh cup of coffee. This was a brilliant idea, and Keurig was not the only one to come out with the idea. It allowed you more freedom in using your Keurig coffee maker with coffees that did not come in premade little pods.

It was a wonderful way of doing things up until December 2014; Keurig changed all that with new proprietary technology in their Keurig 2.0 machines. These machines reject any coffee pod except those made by Keurig themselves. Incidentally, it also made obsolete all the reusable coffee pods, including their own.

Keurig’s My K-Cup is not compatible with your 2.0 machines for two reasons. One, the physical dimensions are different. It may appear to be the same general shape, but Keurig modified the machine ever so slightly so that not only will the machine physically reject it, but it doesn’t come equipped with the necessary technology to pass their own DRM sensor.

I hear the gears in your head turning, “But wait! Keurig made this reusable coffee pod, right? Shouldn’t I be able to continue using it?” While we agree with you, that sadly is not the truth.

But wait…. don’t go yet. You can still use your brand new luxury coffee machine with reusable coffee pods ~ just not this one.

We have search and tested lot of options and have found the top 3 best reusable k-cups can will both replace your old My K-Cup, and will work in the new Keurig 2.0 machines.

Here are a few of our favorite alternatives to Keurig’s My K-Cup for Keurig 2.0. The idea is the same as what you are used to—fill the little pod with your favorite coffee and brew to your heart’s content. Whether the technology is innately built in or they require the use of Freedom Stickers, they will work with Keurig’s 2.0 technology.

Ekobrew Refillable K-cup

This is an awesome little beauty that will work its wonder with your Keurig 2.0. Without needing anything else, this little pod is deep, dishwasher safe and passes the DRM technology test. No plastic to throw away, no error message to stop you, the freedom of using any coffee or tea of your choice—how can you go wrong?

These cups are made from BPA-free plastic with a stainless steel mesh basket. One will run you $10.99, but become cheaper with the more you buy. We recommend the 4-pack because it will allow you to prepare them ahead of time. When you are ready, take one out, pop it in, and you are all set. If you prefer a filter for a finer grind of coffee, these cups are compatible with Ekobrew paper filters.

Ekobrew is the company that came out with Freedom Stickers. These are little labels that you put on the nine o’clock position on the rim of the reusable K-Cup. Once you close the machine, the optical reader “reads” the label and it passes the 2.0 test.

This cup needs the Freedom Stickers to function, and lucky for you, it comes with two. Two might last you four to six weeks, so when you are doing some long term planning, consider getting a refill pack as well.

Eco-Fill 2.0 Deluxe

This is another one much like the Ekobrew one. It is plastic, with a hinged lid and stainless steel basket. This one is good if you like the strong espresso brew!

It is compatibility with the EZ-Cup disposable filters makes this an excellent reusable K-Cup option if you like espresso, or any other fine

The plastic is BPA-free and dishwasher safe. One of these will cost you $14.99, but will pay for itself when you find you do not need to purchase K-Cups anymore. Two-step instructions included: fill with your favorite coffee, close the lid and brew.

You do not need Freedom stickers. The technology to pass the 2.0 sensors is in the lid, however, you need to insert pod in the machine the right way. Out of two possibilities, only one of them will work. The hinge needs to be in the nine o’clock position and the open clasp at the three o’clock position. By positioning it like this, the cup will pass the optical sensor and the piercing needle at the bottom will not pierce the filter.

Lipper International Reusable Coffee K-Cup Filters

As a My K-Cup alternative, this one has a stainless steel drain on the lid. I can imagine why. Plastic melts at high temperatures. That is not to say plastic K-Cups will melt in your machine, but as hot water touches the plastic, it gets soft. You might not notice the first 100 times you use it, but it will eventually break down. This one is designed for the hot water to hit metal first, not plastic.

Obey the instructions. They are specific, and if you do not mind your P’s and Q’s, it will not work. It can be finicky, so if at first you do not succeed, like us, try again.

The design has more metal and less plastic than other designs, indicating that it might have a longer life than some others. 100% BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Freedom stickers are not required. The technology to pass the 2.0 test is in the lid.


As seen here, there are plenty of alternatives that won’t harm your new machine. These are designed for your machine, and will all pass the 2.0 DRM test. Some require stickers, and some have the necessary information built into the lid. Your machine is supposed to be sleek, attractive, and fun to use. It is not fun if unless you can brew what you want to brew.

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