How Do I Grind Coffee Beans Without a Grinder?
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How Do I Grind Coffee Beans Without a Grinder?

how to grind coffee beans without a grinderEver wondered how to grind coffee beans without a grinder? While it may seem like a trip back in time, you’ve probably realized that coffee has been ground by hand for centuries before the advent of espresso machines.

Just how did they do it?

Keeping Things Very Basic

First, roll up your sleeves and get out the mortar and pestle. By using some elbow grease, you grind the coffee beans using downward pressure in a circular motion, gradually decrease the size of the grind by repetition. Be careful to not overflow the mortar (the bowl) with too many coffee beans, as larger piece can (and will) fly around the room if you’re not careful. The more you grind, the finer the coffee becomes. Espresso is going to take a while, however.

Second, if you want to summon your inner MacGyver, you’ll need a bag and a crushing device. Ziplock bags tend to work the best because you can see your progress (or lack thereof). For those that want to get rid of some pent-up anger, we recommend a simple kitchen mallet or a meat-tenderizer hammer.

Simply put the beans in the bag and begin whacking away! Dried coffee beans tend to have a satisfying crunch.Then again, you’re looking for maximum efficiency, a rolling pin can give you more leverage and save you from waking up the neighbors!

More Modern Approach

If you think these methods are fairly ridiculous in this modern age, you’re right! C’mon, we have electricity! Save your time and effort by purchasing a relatively inexpensive grinder. The Hario Coffee Mill Slim Grinder offers a modern update on the aforementioned primitive methods; you still have to grind the beans by hand (using a hand crank), but the design is sleek (think pepper grinder), easy-to-clean, and is way less noisy than playing Whack-a-Mole before each cup of joe. Plus, you can calibrate the size of grinds to ensure an even-tasting brew.

Then, of course, why ignore all of the modern conveniences that technology has to offer, like electricity? The relatively inexpensive Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Blade Grinder can grind your coffee beans in a matter of seconds that would make “manual” methods seem like the difference between walking to the store and driving. Unlike the manual methods that require their own cleanup, this device even has a Chamber Maid Cleaning System, which automatically cleans out the grinding chamber for you! And if you’re more accident prone than the average individual—who isn’t?—this device comes with a one-year warranty!

Saving That Hard Work

Once you’ve ground your coffee beans, you may be thinking, “well, what the heck do I do with all this extra coffee?” Grinding coffee without a grinder is one thing, but keeping your beans fresh—especially a dark-roast like Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans—deserves proper storage.

Storing your coffee is extremely important for ensuring that mold and impurities are kept out, while retaining freshness for direct exposure to the air. Storage should be a part of the process, and especially in a quiet household (New baby? Nosy neighbors?). so it helps to grind all of your beans at once to save time. Normally, you’d think that tin cans or a spare glass jar could be the cheapest solution in your kitchen, but investing in a Friis Coffee Vault is the difference between the good coffee and GREAT coffee.

Why? What makes a Friis Coffee Vault a connoisseur’s choice is that it contains a CO2 venting valve. This might seem like a fancy add-on, but if you like to grind all of your coffee at once (which IS efficient), a coffee vault helps offset vapors from the roasting process and keeps your ground coffee excess moisture-free. And the Friis Coffee Vault comes with a number of venting valves for replacement, ensuring that your coffee doesn’t taste old.


While there may be a large trend towards artisanal goods and adopting the sustainability of old tried-and-true methods, coffee is one of the exceptions to this rule. Take advantage of all the opportunities and efficiencies that technology has available. After all, isn’t that the reason we drink coffee: to get stuff done quickly?



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