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What are the Available Keurig K300 Reusable Filter Options?

The Keurig K300 is a sweet little machine, isn’t it? It has a touch screen, customizable options, and can brew both single cups and carafes of coffee. However, what you didn’t expect was the idea that you would be forced to buy certain brands of coffee for it to work, right? You want options. You […]


Does the Keurig 2.0 Have a Reusable Filter?

Once you have a Keurig, you never go back. It’s sort of like a cell phone. Imagine, just for a second, going back to the year 1980—how did we ever survive without cell phones by our side? Owning a Keurig makes you think along those same lines when you stop to think to yourself, “How […]


Can I buy a set of reusable K-Cups for Keurig 2.0?

The world is becoming more “buyer beware” every day, with comments like “They don’t make em’ like they use to!” and “Back in MY day…!” It’s true. Things aren’t made like they’re used to, and that’s what makes them affordable. As the prices of raw materials rise, people innovate and make things cheaper. Prices go […]


Can I still use My K-Cup for Keurig 2.0?

If you are the proud recipient of Keurig’s new 2.0 technology, chances are you were not expecting the potential headache that came with it when you opened it. Keurig’s new coffee makers have DRM technology, which stands for Digital Rights Management. Before, with the original line of Keurig coffee makers, you did not have this […]


Do You Need Paper Coffee Filters For K-Cups?

With all the talk in the coffee world surrounding Keurig’s neat little toy—*ahem*—I mean coffee maker, what happened to the old way of brewing things? You know, the traditional way of making the dark nectar we guzzle down every morning—what happened? It is still here—around—somewhere. Here it is! I found it! But wait…what is this […]


Overcoming Compatibility Issues with Keurig 2.0 Reusable K Cups

People have been innovating creatively ever since Keurig released the line of 2.0 machines. A simple search on Google will now display 1,001 different reusable K-Cups claiming to be compatible with Keurig’s 2.0 technology. Many of them work straight out of the box while others require an extra step. For having so many out there […]

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